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Bancrofts take caring for the environment as seriously as caring for your valuable garments.  Bancrofts have implemented many programs to ensure we are using "Best Practices" in garment care and environmental stewardship.

Experience the ultimate cleaning process - now at Bancrofts. Clean garments should NOT smell. Bancrofts garments smell fresh, ready to wear! 

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Bancrofts was the first dry-cleaner in Australia and the southern hemisphere to introduce a revolutionary new cleaning process - GreenEarth® cleaning. Which means all our cleaning processes are environmentally friendly, non-allergenic and above all have no just-dry-cleaned smell, leaving your fine garments and furnishings looking brighter and feeling softer.

GreenEarth® cleaning is a silicone based dry cleaning solvent. It shares the same base - silicone - as hair care, makeup and deodorant products. It has no odour, yet has superior cleaning and soil removal properties. It is not harsh like traditional carbon based dry cleaning solvents, and is not harmful to you, your garments, our staff who work with it, or the environment. It degrades to sand, CO2 and H2O, and produces no toxic by-products.

GreenEarth® is inert, so will not chemically react with your precious garments, as traditional dry cleaning solvent might. No faded colours, no garments losing their soft handle, no streaky silks, no degreased or broken zips, no shrinkage.  Just your garments, ready to wear - above all, with no smell. 

In fact, chances are that if your garments smell after you take them to a dry cleaner, they may not be clean at all !!  Clean garments should not smell, and you should never have to take them home and hang them outside to get rid of that "just dry cleaned" odour. 

Bancrofts are not part of the 98% of dry cleaners who use perchloroethlyene (perc) – a chlorinated solvent which is tightly regulated, a possible carcinogen, a known air, water and ground pollutant, and responsible for that trademark "just drycleaned" odour. Bancrofts was the first dry cleaner in the southern hemisphere to embrace this GreenEarth® technology. 

Our committment to operating a safe and sustainable, best-practise business, with numerous environmental initiatives has been recognised by the National Centre for Sustainability. Please visit their website for more information.

If you have any feedback for us regarding Green Earth® and environmental cleaning issues please email us on

Wet Cleaning or H2O cleaning - There are those who will state they can clean every garment in water, our 95 years of experience says this is neither possible or environmentally the right way to go.

Not all garments were made to be put in water as they may shrink or distort.  Would you allow your precious evening gown, cashmere sweater or silk tie to be put in water? We all know that certain stains will not dissolve in water, such as butter, grease or oil.

100% H2O cleaning is not environmentally friendly, and irresponsible - as global warming reduces the rainfall we experience in southern Australia, would you knowingly process all of your garments in, and waste our most precious resource?  Of course not, you would seek out a garment care specialist that is a good corporate citizen, can clean your garments safely and do it is a manner that is "Good For Everybody".  The answer is Bancrofts.

Bancrofts use Professional Wet Cleaning as an adjunct to our other services.  We recycle up to 35% of our water, and treat our most precious known resource with the care that we treat your precious garments.

Bancrofts Plastic Covers
One of the biggest challenges mankind faces is waste.  One plastic cover over a garment is equivalent to two and a half shopping bags.  Bancrofts looked at this problem very seriously and as with all of our processes, wanted to make sure we were not adding to the pollution stream.

Bancrofts believe that our developed plastic bag technology is superior to the "Green Bag" available at the supermarket. The "Green Bag" that is available at supermarkets is a sturdy reusable bag.  However, it will persist in land-fill, rivers, streets for a long time.  The "Green Bag" will not degrade, and will persist in the environment.

The plastic that we package most of your garments with, is Australian Made Oxo-Biodegradeable.  We have programmed in a short life of 8-12 months after which time the plastic will begin an irreversible degradation process, and not stop until completely eliminated.  Oxo-biodegradable Plastics are plastic materials, generally traditional polyolefins, that undergo a two step degradation, initially by an oxidative process that is promoted by the inclusion of catalytic additives and subsequently by biodegradation. Products made from these materials degrade under conditions of sunlight (UV) heat, and/or mechanical stress to complete the cycle of resource utilization and return otherwise intractable plastics to their natural origins.

This is just one other environmental initiative that Bancrofts has employed to be a good corporate citizen.  In the near future, our carry bags will also have this additive.

Bancrofts, through our energy supplier, Origin Energy, have subscibed to 50% Green Power.  This ensures the maximum amount of electricity we are able to purchase is guaranteed to be derived from green sources such as solar and wind energy.  Bancrofts are doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint. The following is an excerpt from Origin Energy's website ( ).

Your green guarantee
Our 50% Government accredited GreenPower earns the GreenPower "tick". This GreenPower tick is your independent guarantee that your choice will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the environment and contribute to the development of new sustainable energy projects in Australia .

Origin accepts and meets the following stringent requirements:
  • We undertake an annual independent audit to verify our GreenPower purchases
  • We ensure we use only Government approved environmentally friendly GreenPower, and
  • We must purchase your chosen amount of GreenPower over and above any legislated green energy requirements.